The Foundation's Message

Name: Broomfield Community Foundation

Lead statement: Connecting good people with great causes.

Description: We are a nonprofit foundation created by and for the residents of Broomfield.

Our role: We help people give back in ways that matter to them and in ways that strengthen Broomfield.

Our work: We partner with donors to serve our community, providing resources and opportunities for organizations to grow stronger and make a positive difference in the Broomfield community.

Three Distinct Donor Benefits

1. We help you fulfill your vision. We help individuals, families and businesses fulfill their charitable visions for the community of Broomfield. We facilitate multiple forms of giving, including planned gifts and estates, and have the ability to receive gifts of cash, real estate, securities or other personal property. We tailor giving approaches to match the unique interests and financial circumstances of our donors, while providing maximum tax benefit within state and federal laws. Our approach to community philanthropy is very personalized.

2. We help you get the most from your contributions. Our board, staff and professional advisors have in-depth knowledge of the needs of our community including the agencies and programs available that can make the greatest difference for residents of Broomfield. We work on a local level, using our knowledge and relationships to find the best return on each donor’s investment to benefit our community. Our approach to community philanthropy is highly effective.

3. We help you create a personal legacy. We are excellent stewards of endowment funds and administer these funds to improve the lives of people in Broomfield today and in the future. We honor each donor’s desire to make a difference. Our approach to community philanthropy is a long-term.

Reasons People Choose To Give

We are a unique vehicle for community philanthropy that provides the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Broomfield residents in need.

  • Our board, staff and professional advisors are experts in local issues and community needs.
  • We are a trusted and respected grantmaker and convener working to empower people and our community.
  • We pool donor gifts to maximize a positive impact for Broomfield.
  • We help our donors create personal legacies by establishing permanent funds in their names.
  • We tailor philanthropic services to help our donors establish a charitable purpose fund in their area of interest.
  • We accept a wide variety of assets and facilitate complex forms of giving.
  • We offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law.
  • Our donor advised funds help donors stay involved in the good work that their gifts make possible.
  • We partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.